About Us

Hand-Picked founder, Kelly Scawin believes that her business is about the beauty of nature, a sense of home and the sharing of her love of flowers with others.

About Kelly Scawin

Kelly returned to New Zealand in 2013 after many years living abroad. A career inhospitality both in New Zealand and the UK ignited a passion to enhance formal and informal events and created spaces and events that were unforgettable. Once she settled in the Bay of Plenty, she combined her love of people, deep appreciation for nature and inherent creativity by establishing Hand-Picked in2017. Kelly began by personally growing all the flowers for her own wedding tables, nurturing them from seed, with the aim of bringing pleasure to family and friends on her very special day. As her business grew, she expanded to incorporate flowers and foliage locally grown by a core of passionately like-minded flower farmers.

Hand-Picked is focused on making flower buying and giving accessible, sustainable and fun. Kelly’s ethos is about honouring nature by allowing flowers and foliage to naturally find their place with one another. Her work is natural and untamed, wild, abundant and seasonal, sourcing local flowers and foliage whenever possible.